Nobu Fifty-Seven

Other than being one of the sexiest restaurants I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting, Nobu 57 is also by far the best feed I’ve had since arriving in the city.

Given my position at one of its former sister restaurants, we were given the best booth in the house, with full view of the who’s who in the Upper East Side, and had the best service anyone could ask for(including a few in-house complements).

Greeted by a rambunctious and fashionable crowd at the bar upon arrival, you can expect a bit of a wait for your seat, even just to luxuriate in the essence of upscale New York. If you can snap up a stool for a pre-dinner cocktail, or even just enjoy a glass of something fizzy while waiting I would highly advise doing so.

When we sat, we ordered a round of cocktails and tried to decipher an enormous new/old world menu that spoke to our previously inadequate Japanese culinary experience. Given our overwhelmed/confused appearance our waiter joined us for a few minutes to explain the lay of the land. Chef suggests two cold and two warm dishes to begin, with sushi after(if you’re able, we certainly weren’t!). Some of my favourites were the lobster truffles, sticky fried rice, and seared tuna.

Our cocktails were perfectly boozy and we had a bottle of Rioja with the main event. For a Japanese restaurant, Nobu has a very serious and elegant wine list. Perhaps coming from Ireland there was a preconceived stigma attached to drinks lists in Asian restaurants, but this one certainly did not fit that bill. We devoured everything that was brought out to us, including another surprise – some delicious desserts. Green tea ice cream is now my new favourite thing.

Overall, a fabulous dose of high society New York, surrounded by excitable tourists, and the city’s fashionable elite. Having taken the night off for a very personal celebration it was worth every penny, I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Pricey. Very pricey, but totally worth it.

Nobu Fifty-Seven, 40 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019.



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