Avoca Café, Suffolk St.

I cannot summarise my adoration for this place in a blog post but I will certainly try, and start by making a very bold, vehement statement. This is the best breakfast and lunch in the city. Do not let anyone tell you different.

While I may be a little biased – having spent much of my pre and post class collegiate years in this penthouse loft off the city’s busiest shopping rendezvous – Grafton St,  I’ve done the research and enough eating to know that this is it.

Service is impeccable, quick and really friendly – the guys here will do as much for you as you could possibly want. The food menu is pretty classic with a few seasonal changes peppering the pages ever so often. They cook what’s popular and what works. Everything is fresh, made in house. I dare you to try one of their enormous scones with house jam and whipped cream, and not fall helplessly in love.

The cakes, tarts and cookies made here will rival any of those from the best bakeries in the city, and stand to attention in a mouth-watering arrangement up the front of the restaurant. Mix-matched chairs and goofy ensembles of trinkets and hanging ornaments come together to create an antiquated feel in the centre of modern Dublin – a perfect blend of the old and the new. Stop in before or after a visit to Trinity College, it’s right around the corner!

Priority 1: Expect to wait for a table for lunch or brunch at the weekends, or if you’re in the city for Christmas shopping. Go for breakfast to avoid the crowds, or a cake after 4 when they’ve stopped serving everything but their sweet treats.

Photo: PurpleFood

Avoca, Suffolk St, Dublin 2. 


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