Sophie’s @ The Dean and Sister Angelina’s.

If you’re in Dublin for a short trip, and haven’t the motherload in your bank account for one of the city’s 5* hotels, The Dean on Harcourt St is the next best thing. It is an ultra cool and very chic hotel in the centre of city that sits on one of Dublin’s busiest nightlife hubs. Get a bunk room if you’re a trifecta of trouble and are okay with a little squash.

Sophie’s is their rooftop garden and restaurant — the first of its kind given Dublin’s likening to rain — and while the food might not be fantastic, the atmosphere and view make up for the missing elements on your plate, and the service is always reliable.

They offer a solid cocktail selection, and make a great French 75 should you relish the taste of gin and sparkling wine. Their wine list is perhaps their biggest pleaser, and very reasonable as well. The bar is swinging on the weekend, so if you’re over 25, it’s a great spot to go and avoid the thickets of youngsters below you heading to the Dublin institutions of Coppers and Dicey’s.

Its sister restaurant off Lower Baggot St however provides better quality and a broader range of food – much more suited to the modern foodie. It’s big, beautiful booths are great for small parties, and given the affluent area its situated in, it’s pretty much always busy. The terrace lies out on the canal should you long for some covered al fresco dining/ a cigarette mid-meal, and again the drinks menu will leave you a very happy customer.

Pitfall: a bit out of the way, and a bit more family oriented, ie, chance of Pinot Noir and Seabass A la screaming children.

Priority 1: Be sure to do one of these two. New to the city’s restaurant playground and already considered one of the big kids, you’ll be missing out if you don’t go.

Fun Fact: Every instagrammer that has ever visited Sophie’s has taken a picture on their swings. You most definitely will not be the OG of that shot.

Sophie’s @ The Dean: 33 Harcourt St, Dublin, Ireland. 

Angelina’s: 55 Percy Pl, Dublin, Co. Baile Átha Cliath, Ireland

Photo: Sophie’s


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