No phones allowed in this household name on the elite Parisien club scene.

If you’re willing to attempt the door at this members only club on Rue Montmartre, the very best of luck to you. Having a very strict artist membership policy, you usually have to be a member or with one to get in. I rocked up to the door without this information, and with a considerable amount of alcohol consumed with two of my best friends from home, and just happened to talk our way past the bouncer and into the dark hallowed staircase down to the club.

The staircase, shrouded in polaroids and Sepia stills capturing the notoriously arty nature of the establishment, leads you down to a golden hallway where you’re introduced to the very loud emulsion of house and electronic music.

There’s a small cinema in the nightclub, just in case the need for a mid-dance movie takes you, and a piano is placed on an easily accessible stage, should the want for a mid-night musical foray take you, either.

Owner and movie director David Lynch has captured the ambience I’ve spoken of in Paris. It’s dark, stylish and exclusive. My first night there, my friends and I encountered an outrageous Romanian artist who ended up buying €1000 worth of champagne without batting an eyelid. The club is extremely expensive, as are all top Parisien nightclubs though, so please don’t be shocked when charged €20 for a whiskey, rocks.

Priority: 1. An absolute must-see if you have the balls to engage the doorman. Doo it, even just to get a scintillating glimpse at the lives of the haute-atiste Parisienne. 

Silencio: 142 Rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris, France


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