Surprisingly, Restaurantette is not a word, but we live in an age when ‘Brangelina’ is, or was a synonym for ‘relationship’ or ‘stability’ – so who cares?

Just to clarify, I am not a female restauranteur. I only wish I was. Instead, I dance around work in restaurants and bars throughout various cities, and have become very accustomed to then making other restaurants and bars my secondary life locations, so I’ve decided to start writing about them – and a few other topics of consequence or note.

So here indeed is the dilemma: am I now a ‘food blogger’ – the dastardly label ascribed to anyone who produces their phone the moment they spy food approaching their (perfectly set and aesthetically pleasing) table? No. I fear I may still be plunged into the ‘basic’ section of society, but I’m doing this anyway, if anything just to swipe at those food bloggers taking ‘pics’ beside me at restaurants, or at my table while I’m working.

I’ve lived in Dublin, Paris, and currently reside in the trendy outskirts of Manhattan – also known as Brooklyn. Just new to the city, I intend to eat, sleep, drink and write my days away until I have to leave (deciding where to go will become a very large portion of this little project).

I hope you like food, drink – and my opinion!



Photo: Time Out


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