The ‘big’ move

Two years ago, I decided to move to Paris for a school year, in what was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. In Paris I discovered how very large and unusual the world is, and my passion for gastronomy and mixology grew substantially. The bars and restaurants in Paris in terms of creativity, palate, and style are incomparable to anywhere I’ve visited throughout the world. There is an ambience about the city, an attraction as yet undefined but what I would term an aura or beat that cannot be mimicked because of the cultural and historical significance of the L’Avenues, Rues and Parcs.

My exposure to such ambience stayed with me after I’d left and had a brief few months in California, before returning to Ireland for my final year in University.

So I decided there would inevitably only be one other such place in the world that could attempt to replicate or enhance the almost euphoric dose of atmosphere I had experienced during my time traversing the Parisien streets, and that of course, was New York. My decision to move bore a lot more weight the second time round, and came with an equal surplus of responsibility. I would undertake the far bigger journey without the help of my parents, and with a boyfriend to be left at home.

Undeterred however, the decision was made and with that, I have also decided to begin this site to explore and remember some of the places I feel should be seen, experienced and adored.

Photo: Restoring Liberty


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