House Dublin

If ever there was room for a gem in old Dublin city, Leeson St is where you would find it, and in the summer of 2013, there opened House.

Leeson St is reminiscent of Dublin’s Georgian era, and today business meets classic architecture on the bustling street that was screaming for a demure addition to its nightlife when Alan Clancy, owner of some of Dublin’s best and newest bars, decided upon 27 Leeson St for House. Its quickly become the most popular venue in the city for the ‘older crowd’ – aka the out-of-college-working-sane-people for a number of reasons, not least the small issue of its being the most stylish and haute venue in the entire country.

The concept is simple; elegance, class and great music. And it works. 

Door policy is strict. Men won’t get in wearing sneakers or jerseys, women won’t get in if they look like hookers – a door policy previously unheard of in the city. And if you’re under 25, you’ll have a hard time shirking the doormen.

The lavish interior is constantly being redecorated and accessorised, as any house would be by a savvy interior designer/stylist. It oozes glamour, and so do its patrons. You won’t find any old shmuck here – from celebrities to lawyers to doctors, Dublin’s elite gather here because there’s little chance of rif raf, and the drinks are fantastic. With a cocktail and wine menu to rival any bar in the country, this place really is the ‘whole package’.

Priority level: 1


Photo: House Dublin. 

House Dublin: 27 Lower Leeson St, Dublin 2, Ireland.


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